Once upon a time, the best way to capture peoples attention and tell them about your business or product was to place an Ad in the local newspaper. When people got used to seeing Ads they stopped paying attention. Then the radio boomed and as listeners grew the marketing came and radio adverts became the best way to steal attention once again. Then the TV … You can see where this is going. 

With the introduction smartphones and tablets into every household social media has become our source of entertainment, news, communication and more! This time though the consumers have shown that they are in control and that we as humans do not like adverts interrupting our entertainment. This has shown time and again as people change stations or fast forward through adverts to get to the content they want to see. 

Because of this, traditional marketing methods that interrupt the consumer without permission no longer work as well as they used to. Fortunately, that leads to an entirely new concept of marketing (Inbound marketing). Inbound marketing is a way of earning your customers attention rather than stealing it. 


With inbound marketing, you can forget about pushy unwanted messages and get back to building valuable and profitable relationships with your customers. This can be done through blogs, Images, videos, podcast and any other method of communication that people might actually want to consume. 

This is where building an organic social media following comes in. People have the choice to follow you on social media so if you give them what they want and what they’re looking for to can build relationships with them and ultimately convert them into customers.  

In order for this to work you need to approach your social media in three ways. 


Some people will follow you on social media purely to be entertained and that’s a great place for you to start.. give the people what they want! As long as your style of entertainment is honest and true to the personality of your business then the sky is the limit. 


People that are following you most likely have an interest in what it is you do or offer. Educate them on the subject and both them and you may benefit from it, this can be done in blogs, videos, sharing links or any other method of providing your followers with valuable information. In doing this you’ll not only show your understanding of the industry and build consumer confidence but you’ll also be providing your consumers with value. 


Possibly the most important part of your social media is engagement, Social media gives you the chance to talk directly with potential customers, answer questions and build relationships. If somebody had something to say about your business ‘good or bad’ it’s probably happening on social media. Be kind enough to respond. 


Now for R.O.I… Once you’ve built a social media following and community you can start to convert consumers of your social into consumers of your product or service. 

Social media should sit at the top of your sales funnel, by building relationships on social you can then divert your followers to your website or store and convert them into paying customers.  

You can post products to your page, give directions to your shop or links to your website. This is getting easier all the time with options like Facebook stores and Instagram shopping but it doesn’t need to be complex. 

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